Curtain Raiser

Curtain Raiser: India Governance Forum & Awards

India Governance Forum Framework
India Governance Forum Framework
SKOCH India Governance Forum 2022
Curtain Raiser: India Governance Forum & Awards
Curtain Raiser: India Governance Forum & Awards
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SKOCH Award, independently instituted in 2003, is India’s honest civilian honour conferred by an independent organisation as a third party assessment. It is the only award in the country that is based on felt-needs assessment and outcome evaluation based on evidence. It therefore, recognises people, projects and institutions that go the extra mile to make India a better nation SKOCH Award covers the best of efforts in the area of digital, financial and social inclusion. It encompasses the best of governance, inclusive growth, excellence in technology and applications, change management, corporate leadership, corporate governance, citizen service delivery, capacity building, empowerment and other such softer issues that get normally lost in the glamour and glitz of industry sponsored or advertising focused jamborees.

The SKOCH Award not only acknowledges exceptional achievers – organisations and individuals – but also spurs institutional guidance and best practices in the industry.

SKOCH Challenger Award

It is an honour that is conferred for definitively changing India for the better through the entire career span. It celebrates the significant impact to inclusive growth and socio-economic development of India and upholding of civil liberties by means of visible outcomes at a national level.

SKOCH India Governance Award

India Governance Forum in its twentieth year, is the oldest Governance Leadership Summit. Its recommendations have had a profound policy impact across the center and state governments. It is one of the few conferences where the focus is on field research-based knowledge-rich arguments that bring felt needs to the discussion table.

We firmly believe Governance is what is received and not what was the intended delivery. Our ongoing field research and conversations across thousands of projects in a year give us a deep insight into what is working and how it can work even better.

We bring together an ecosystem of academia, industry, economists, policy experts, practitioners, and civil society. Carefully constructed panels, well-researched background notes and clearly articulated problem statements to find relevant answers and an agenda moving forward created.

Honestly, there is nothing else that comes even close.

Welcome to India Governance Forum. If you have already registered on, then please log in to book this conference. You will receive a notification by email.Registered delegates would get extra benefits like participating in live polls and Q&A during the live stream.

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